Your Hidden Personality Traits, Part 1

Your Hidden Personality Traits, Part 1

I want to pass along something very powerful to think about and it’s going to challenge you. Prepare yourself.

You have all heard or even used the saying “We think therefore we are”. It is a simple enough formula, but it is wrong! Instead, read this one, which I heard someone say at a recent meeting. “We are, therefore we think”. Before moving on, re-read the different version. Think about this for a minute. This one is likely more correct! But do you really understand why?

Psychologists have long been telling us that personality is essentially neurologically “grafted” into each of us. It is part of the core of who we are. While I do not want to get into the arguments about cognitive pliability or plasticity, those will be for another day, I do want you to think about why this might be important with regard to your ability to achieve peak performance on a daily basis or even on demand when circumstances at work or in your personal life require it.

We all know the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and immediately getting a “sense” of their personality, likely in the first 20-30 seconds. Call it energy, vibe or some other descriptor. The fact is we all can sense another person’s personality very quickly and very transparently even if they do not want us to discern those elements.

So we can sense or feel personality traits in others. We can see traces of personality traits in people’s facial expressions. And we can certainly gather a lot about personality traits from listening to the words people choose to use (and those words are chosen regardless of what you might believe).

So why is this so important to you and how does it apply to being more effective at work or even in your personal life? By understanding and becoming aware of the underlying personality traits that drive your behaviour and thinking, you will have a clearer roadmap for:

– Reducing conflict and or dissension with your team or people you interact with

– Developing a deeper rapport with others both inside and outside your organization

– Having more productive meetings and interactions

– Leading different groups more effectively

– Staying true to who you are in the midst of stress and tension

-and much more…

If you really want to get a handle on the underlying personality traits that drive your behaviour tune in for part 2.


Dr. Richard

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