Get Over Yourself, Connecting Is Key to Communicate Your Dream, So Get Over Yourself!

Get Over Yourself, Connecting Is Key to Communicate Your Dream, So Get Over Yourself!

Communication is key in any situation. If you are a poor communicator then you will not be able to get your point across or tell people what you want. Lack of communication is a major reason for frustration in our world. If you have trouble communicating you just need to say, “get over yourself” and learn the fine art of communication.

Even more you need to learn how to connect. We are always communicating. Our body gestures, language, and tone communicate something. It may not be what we want but we are communicating. Connecting is an entirely different thing. Especially when it comes to communicating a vision or a dream.

If it is our dream or vision we usually don’t have that much trouble communicating it. That is because it is in our hearts; it is something that we can become emotional about. If we know the art of communication we can connect with emotion and it makes it much easier for others to become involved in our dream because it is something we connect with in our souls.

However, when it comes to connecting with someone else’s dream or vision, it becomes more difficult. We have no emotional connection to it. I remember when I worked in corporate America I was subject to the quarterly updates. Most of the time they were nothing but a bunch of numbers. They were results from the last quarter’s results and projections for the next quarter. There was no dream of vision that god people fired up because the people giving the updates were only employees and not emotionally attached to the vision of the owner.

If you want to connect with someone else’s vision you have to allow that vision to get in your heart and become emotionally attached to it. I think this is one of the downfalls of the American corporation. The leaders of the corporation didn’t convey the vision for the company with enough emotion to get the employees involved. If it is your job to convey the dreams and visions of another you need to get over yourself and become emotionally attached to that dream or you will never adequately convey that dream to get others involved in it.

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