Opening the Path

Opening the Path

“There is no better opportunity to receive more than to be thankful for what you already have. Thanksgiving opens the windows of opportunity for ideas to flow your way.”

Jim Rohn

The Law of Attraction says that you will attract what you think about, particularly at a subconscious level. However, like any other flow of energy (manifestation is an energy flow, but that is another topic), the flow will not occur if the pathway is blocked. So if you want more energy flowing (i.e., manifestation occurring), you need to clear blockages from the path of the energy. One way to clear manifestation energy is by giving thanks.

Giving thanks is just that, a gift. It is not a bargain, or a deal, or a trade. You cannot expect something in return for the gift of gratefulness. The gratitude is given without expectation of direct reward. Do not be thankful and then turn and say to yourself, “Okay, where is my new manifestation?” Asking the question negates the benefit of the gratitude.

The gratitude cannot be perfunctory; you cannot give thanks because it is expected of you. This is the problem with giving thanks as part of a ritual or ceremony; in these situations, you give thanks because it is the next part of the ceremony, which means the appreciation you are expressing is part of something else. The reward of the appreciation is used up by the ritual within which it occurs.

True gratitude is performed in isolation, in private, and in solitude. It is given with emotion, not just with words. True gratitude is done without expectation, but done for itself and the feelings it generates.

Having said that, you can expect to be rewarded when you give true gratitude. The reward will come later, from some other direction, with no apparent connection to the gratitude given. Like giving a birthday gift, you will get gifts on your birthday. Like giving a smile, you will receive smiles from others, often people you have never met.

By giving thanks, you will show the universe that you are ready to receive more. You have shown that you will make the payment of appreciation whenever you receive a manifestation from the universe. Like planting a seed in the garden, you can expect a harvest; you do not know which seeds will sprout, bloom, and bear fruit, but you know that some will. And those that do will more than make up for the amount of seeds you planted. Similarly, by giving thanks often you know that some of that appreciation will generate manifestation; you do not know which feelings of gratitude will generate, but some will, and those feelings of gratitude will generate an abundance which will more than compensate you for the gifts of your thanks.

Giving gratitude is planting the seeds for abundance, clearing away the debris of bad thoughts and feelings, so that the energy of growth can flow to and through you. The circuit must be completed for the energy to flow, just as the seeds must be planted to reap the harvest. And the harvest will be greater than anything you give as seeds.

John Steely is a certified life coach specializing in professional and personal development. His website Steely Services explores many topics of development, including time management and goal setting. John shares his love of the self-development classics in his Monthly Classic program of free books.

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