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If technology keeps advancing our life’s will be entirely technology based, if it isn’t already. One thing is for sure, technology isn’t just going to go away. Everything is advancing technologically and everyone that isn’t living in the amazon rainforest most probably has to interact with something IT related every day.

What if it goes wrong? Computers aren’t infallible, more accurately they falter quite often. IT and computer repair companies are the salvation of the computer world. In 30 years time everyone will most likely know how to use a computer in one or more basic ways. Will they know how to recover lost data? Will they know how to remove a virus that has disabled your protection software? Will they know how to replace a worn part or clean the PC of accumulated junk and unused hidden files? Unlikely..

Someone somewhere will have to step in and provide an alternative to throwing it against the wall and buying a new one. You and your laptop.. and your wall for that matter, will be grateful for their knowledge. Give it a try the next time you’ve lost the family photos or spilt coffee all over your laptop. Maybe you have contracted a virus from the rather interesting adult video you can’t remember watching on that site you can’t remember about?

It maybe simple and it maybe cheap. What’s the worst that can happen? You need a new pc.. They could build a decent machine for £300. With 2 year warranty and probably better performance than the one you had. IT companies can do much more than the obvious too, For instance, that telephone socket that’s so hard to get to or the one you wish was right in the corner for better access. IT companies already have the tools and know how to fix these types of problems.

You could have screens in your walls that you can access at anytime of the day for music or quick information. You could have your own network with active sockets in every room for quick internet access. Your TV can be your computer and your mouse be sat right next to you while you lay on the sofa removing the need for any type of activity from your body other than to breathe. Everything could be better in one way or another. Don’t deny the perfect technological life you deserve.

The next time I lose my folder of photos or my computer is slow, I think I may decide to give them a call, and while they are at it, I’ll see what else I could buy that may take me that little bit further to the future image we all imagine.

Tech Integral are a company based near Leeds that excel it this type of work, they would be more than happy to assist you.

Their team are friendly and professional.

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