What Do We See?

What do we see when we open our eyes and look at what’s in front of us?

Most likely for you, you’ve been wondering around social media on your phone/ tab/ laptop and you randomly saw this article and you’re currently reading this sentence. That’s what you’re seeing now.

But that’s not my point, what I meant was, what do we see when we look at person, situation, thing or object? Do we really see things as it is or is our sight restricted by our limited perception?

Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty confusing, but don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple. For example, look at that picture of the tree. You can see that it huge and looks complex and very different from the picture you see on the cylinder, even though it is basically the same thing. If we look only at the reflection of the image on the cylinder we would not be able to see the whole image but instead we would only be able to glimpse a smaller part of the bigger picture. But then again, if we didn’t know that there was a bigger picture then what we see on the cylinder would seem to look like a complete picture by itself.

Similarly, when something happens, we don’t always look at the bigger picture, we tend to only see a small part of it and think that we have seen the whole situation. One example would be if you were in an elevator with a couple of random people and the moment you walk into the elevator one of the people there just turns around and faces the other side of the elevator just so that he/she wouldn’t have to look at you, while that person has a scowl on his/her face.

Now, you’d probably think that this person is really anti-social and is one of the rudest people you’ve ever came across. But what if that person was just having a terrible day and actually had tears in his/her eyes and that he/she just didn’t want to be seen by anyone.

You wouldn’t have known what had happened to that person, who on normal circumstances would have been very friendly and would have smiled and waved at you. You would have probably have judged that person even though you would not have known the whole story behind what that person was going through.

Sometimes when we see people behave in a certain way we tend to assume that is how they are. The problem with this is that everyone is going to have bad days and everyone is going to have good days, so if we follow what our eyes tell us we would base our perception of them just because of how they acted on one of those days. We aren’t robots. We aren’t actually the same person every single day. We change a little with every minute experience that we have. By judging someone on how they behave based on one single day would be like judging the strength of a mighty oak tree based on one single leaf.

That’s what makes us special, we can change our mindset towards things and make our minds a little bit more open every day. So maybe it’s time we all stop looking at what’s directly in front of our eyes and see the bigger picture.

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