Why Gratitude Works

Why Gratitude Works

I had to trudge from my bed to my desk, via the ministry of coffee, which doubles as my kitchen.

That’s around 13 metres worth of effort. I checked.

Then I sat at my desk, in my chair, and opened up my laptop.

I started reading what was happening the world of sport (not a lot). Then, while drinking my coffee and contemplating the meaning of not a lot:


WTF?! Why’s someone ringing my door bell? I pretty sure I didn’t approve that. Not on Monday. Not during the A.M. slot.

Amazon aren’t due with any more one-click books that I’m aware of? Maybe I’ve forgotten? It happens.

Nope. Damned working person doing work. Needs to check alarms. The cheek. Disturbing me at work.

Back to my coffee.

Now I’m copying out a famous sales letter by hand. It’s part of my training. My Hour Of Power. I do this most days to keep learning, keep sharp, develop a rhythm, and yeah, delay the real work for at least one hour. Then all of a sudden:



Who’s this bothering me at work?

A delivery. Not for me. A man out at work was bringing me a parcel for another man out at work. Weird.

Back to my Monday morning. It’s tough being me.

About this point you’re probably thinking. Sheeesh. Luke. You’ve the patience of a saint. All those distractions. How ever do you stay so chipper?

And you’d be right. All those people out at work. Working. Doing stuff on other people’s time. Annoying me at home while I’m drinking coffee, on my time.

But here’s the shizzle. And it’s good shizzle. So listen up:

You too can be this calm in face of such terrible adversity.

The secret is gratitude.

The first thing I do each day is write down what I’m grateful for.

And without exception, one of the things I am always grateful for is that I can earn a good living, working from home, on my time at my pace, on my terms.

And simple as it is, I see people forget that simple truth far too often and far too quickly.

It’s no one’s fault. It just happens.

You sweat bullets trying to get yourself in the position to work from home.

You ramp up your debt and blood-pressure trying create your own business.

You lose friends just to get a shot at having your own time and space.

And eventually you get it. And it’s good. For about a week.

The your focus is on something else more money, more holidays, scaling..

It’s always the next thing, and the next thing, and the next, and that’s good. We need to grow.

But that’s why your journal and your gratitudes are so important.

They keep you humble, and keep you happy with what you have… even while you strive for more.

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