Do Good Today

Do Good Today

One of the 2016 Presidential candidates has coined the slogan “Make America Great Again,” as the effect that he wants to achieve should he be elected President of the United States. This slogan has become increasingly popular in America. That makes me wonder why so many people believe that America is not great today.

To be fair and thorough, Americans should think about what they do today that makes America a great nation as well as what they might improve. I did that, and I filled one page with details for both the good and the lacking lists. Then, I looked in the mirror and gazed upon my own reflection. I had to admit that my lists are opinionated. I am an American. I can form an opinion about my country’s behavior. But, I am also a Christian, a husband, a father, retired after 38 years of work, a Virginian, a combat veteran, a writer, and a host of other things. I created my lists from a viewpoint that is colored by many lenses.

We expect our President to be a good person, to faithfully follow the principles of our founding fathers, which are stated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We want our President to be strong and our government to be transparent. But, does the President determine if America is great or not so great?

No. I do that. You do that. Every American should look in the mirror and gaze upon his or her reflection every day. What will you do today to make America great? You know if you conduct your life responsibly. Are your shortcomings dragging our country down? Many Americans are in need, and we have many good people and organizations that will step up to help them. That is a good thing. But, if you are in need, and nearly all of us are at times in our lives, that does not mean that you are a lesser American or that you have been granted a time out to stop being a good American. Get help. Ask for help, but every American should do good today. You have to figure out what that is. I promise you, that you will feel very good about yourself, even in the midst of want, if you will turn on the goodness inside you every day.

I don’t know who will be elected President of the United States in 2016. I know that I do not want to wait for the new President to make America great again. There is a popular belief that the light in the torch of the Statue of Liberty is the beacon of hope for all people in this world to see and believe in. That statue is a symbol. All people in the world yearn for the beacon of hope that is found in the grace and goodness that dwells in our hearts. Americans have great hearts that have shined and can still shine a bright light, steady and undimmed. It is by our character, how we conduct ourselves, what the people of the world see in us every day, that makes America great.

Do good today.

“How Tony Wrote and Published Two Novels,”

Tony is a writer, an author of several published novels, and an independent publisher. In September 2012, he wrote and published the first of a three-book drama series, “A Voice from New Mill Creek: The Methodists,” as an e-book. In April, 2013, he released his second e-book and first romance novel, “Goodnight Paige.” In July, 2013, Tony released a guidebook titled “How Tony Wrote and Published Two Novels.” In May 2014, he published “The Star of India, “the second novel in the Voice From New Mill Creek drama series.

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